Emilie Ciclet & Stefano Libey have conceived RE-THINK NOW | TOWARDS A TOGETHER KNOWLEDGE.

RE-THINK NOW | TOWARDS A TOGETHER KNOWLEDGE is based on our interest in reflecting on reality and in connecting the dots.

We feel the need for unveiling the logic and essence of what is going on around and within us.

Our approach is characterized by a polymathic mindset, which means that we yearn for getting knowledge together and getting more knowledgeable.

We intend to improve ourselves without sclerotizing our minds. We intend to go deeper, depth perhaps being going up or sliding on the surface.

Currently we are cooperating on two projects:

1. A unique online disintermediation service;

2. A groundbreaking research on the significance of democracy.

Our interdisciplinary attitude has always impregnated our entrepreneurial lives. Here are some highlights of our background:

In 2013, Emilie Ciclet held a seminar at The University of Buckingham on the destruction of law, and published a trailblazing article on the Economic Affairs.. Also, she has written the article When Law Loses Its Legitimacy.

Stefano Libey is developing his philosophy on logicontology, preparing the translation of a paramount mathematical reference book from the eighteenth century, and elaborating a self-help text. He defines himself a logicontologist.

The two of us are multidisciplinary tutors for both kids and adults.

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